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World premiere

Altair 100™

premium gaming machine

We offer the most desired product configuration currently existing. 4K vertical monitor type cabinets account for roughly two thirds of all EGMs in our target markets.

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Gamecode Altair 100™

Multi-Level Progressive

Class III games

Our thrilling game collection

Class III Multi-Level Progressive Link games are nowadays the most profitable games on the casino floors. All our games belong to this class. Our 4K screen cabinets together with our games are a perfect match to hit the jackpot.

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cutting-edge technology

4k advantage

highest gaming standards

Gamecode has certified its product according to GLI-11 (Gaming Devices in Casinos) Version 3.0 and GLI-12 (Progressive Gaming Devices in Casinos) version 2.1 gaming standards. We have adopted in our product SAS 6.03 Communication Protocol.

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