Gamecode, as a new player in the market, is not technologically constrained by existing legacy infrastructure. We are revamping the technologly stack and games production process.

The innovation in technology is based on leadership and extensive industry knowledge as well as deep understanding of casinos needs. We utilize technologies that are widespread throughout the most advanced digital market – the Internet. We aim to implement the latest available technology.

Altair 300c™ technology standards

altair 300C™

key features

The screen is a Ultra High Definition 43” portrait monitor. The monitor curves to give customers the best viewing angle possible. The cabinet surround has an impressive morphing LED display which can also be themed to enhance features or games on this cabinet.

Our brand new cabinet, featuring a single curved 43" screen in full UHD and a 15.6" supporting video deck.

  • TiTo Ready.
  • 43" UHD curved screen.
  • Large 15.6" Video Deck for more immersive gaming experience.
  • Large new play deck buttons resistant to antibacterial degradation.
Gamecode Altair 100™



Gamecode has certified its product according to GLI-11 (Gaming Devices in Casinos) Version 3.0 and GLI-12 (Progressive Gaming Devices in Casinos) version 2.1 gaming standards. which are the highest gaming standards on the market. This allows Gamecode to deliver its product in multiple jurisdictions worldwide. With the same goal in mind, we have adopted in our product SAS 6.03 Communication Protocol, which is compatible with all major casino management systems.

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