Gamecode, as a new player on the market, is not technologically constrained by existing legacy infrastructure. We are in an unique position to redesign the technological stack which is a foundation of every company in the market. We utilize technologies that are widespread throughout the most advanced digital market – the internet. Having the usability, security and flexibility in mind, Gamecode chose Elixir, the language that utilizes Erlang virtual machine to become the core and foundation of its technological stack. Erlang virtual machine was created by Ericsson company to serve as the core of its telecommunication products.

awesome display

4K Advantage

Content in 4K resolution undoubtedly delivers a next level gaming experience. Gamecode has been able to develop fully equipped hardware and advanced game engine to support this level of detail. Besides great quality, our screens stand out on the floor with their high contrast and vivid colors, making them first choice for many players. All games we develop are in outstanding, uncompromised 4K resolution.



Gamecode has certified its product according to GLi-11 version 2.1 & GLi-12 version 2.1 gaming standards. Those are the highest gaming standards on the market allowing Gamecode to deliver its product in multiple jurisdictions worldwide. We have adopted SAS 6.03 Communication Protocol compatible with all major floor casino management systems.