Data driven

Our games add great value to online casinos since we are one of the very few companies offering online games in the North American market with land-based gaming market know-how.

We know the players’ tastes and we understand what is the desired game impression that players wish to experience. We keep on developing games appealing to North American clientele.

GameCode games are built on an innovative and one-of-a-kind mechanics to always deliver unique immersive experience. Learn more today.

Progressive Jackpots

Players in North America got used to progressive jackpots since early days. The way how these jackpots are designed is different from all other gaming markets.

GameCode has the right progressive jackpots formula which has been tested on the casino floors. With an ‘online-twist’ this formula will help casinos in player retention. Real time ticking jackpot meters dedicated only to your brand make players stay. Inquire about real symbol driven progressive jackpot solution by GameCode to learn more.


We have experimented a lot to find a common language with players when it comes to communicating with them inside the games. The games that are most liked by players in North America communicate with them in a particular way through design, sounds and shapes. Try out our games to understand more.


Since our online games have been built using the same technology that we use in our land-based games you can really experience the same premium quality. We do not compromise on quality of animations, special effects or sounds. Everything was designed to look great in-app and in browser. Experience it today.

The key to

smooth integration

iAlderamin™ - Remote Gaming Server

  • GLI 19 certified
  • Seamless API and Real Time Reporting
  • Support multi-level standalone and linked symbol driven progressive jackpots
  • Support multi-jurisdiction version
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